Why don't you claim to make thousands of pips per month? - PB

Many professional traders aim for around 200-500 pips per month. Anyone claiming thousands of pips per day is likely to be a scammer because that is an unrealistic target. The number of pips is actually not a very good measure of performance. The percentage profit or USD that can be made depends on the pips profit and the amount that you risk per trade. If you risk 1% per trade and then take 1x trade with a 1000pip Stop loss and a 1000pip Take profit then you may make 1000pips in a month but your account will only grow by 1%. Whereas if you still risk 1% per trade but enter 2x trades with a 20 pips stop loss and a 20 pips take profit (and both close in profit), you will make only 40pips but your account will grow by 2%. For me increasing my account in USD is more important than an arbitrary pips count.

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