What do the siganls look like - PB

When you sign up for the signal service we will send you a detailed email explaining everything but below is an example of a trade signal message.

Open Price: 1.3250
Stop Loss: 1.3200
Take Profit (Minimum): 1.3275
Take Profit (Base): 1.3350
Take Profit (Maximum): 1.3450
Reference ID: GBPUSD1.3250

This signal states that we have taken a Long position in the currency pair GBPUSD with an entry price of 1.3250. Long does not refer to the duration of the signal but the direction. Professional traders usually say Long or Short rather than buy or sell.

Alterntive Take Profit Levels
As you can see from the Forex signal example, there is a 'Minimum', 'Maximum' and 'Base' take profit price. These are NOT multiple take profit levels, and we do NOT scale out of my positions. We provide alternative TP levels .

The 'Base' take profit price is the one that we have used for our own trade and it is the one that we am aiming for.

If you are a scalper and prefer short term trading you may want to set your take profit level closer to the minimum take profit level. The aim of scalping is to be in an out of the market quickly and have a very high win rate. Members using the minimum take profit level have performed very well recently with some very strong results.

If you prefer longer term trading and want to profit from the larger price moves then you may want to set your take profit level closer to the "Maximum" take profit price. Longer term traders are often referred to as 'Swing traders' and often prefer to take trades with a strong risk to reward ratio. 

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